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  INA Industrija Nafte
  STSI Sisak, Rijeka, Molve, Zagreb
  Petrokemija, Kutina
  Dioki, Zagreb
  Djuro Djaković Elektromont
  Djuro Djaković Montaža
  Djuro Djaković Proizvodnja Opreme
  TPK Orometal, Oroslavje
  PIREKO, Oroslavje
  Siemens, Zagreb
piping material (steel): pipes, fittings, flanges, bolts, gaskets, expansion joints
casting and forging: tubes, headers, disks, rings, fittings
valves: ball, gates, globe, safety valves
vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, air coolers
burners, flares
demisters, mist eliminators
level gauges (radars)
industrial cables :thermocouple, thermowells, fiber optic cables
machines and tools for maintenance
spare parts for turbines and compressors
loading arms

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